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WIP: a Wad?

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So I look in my WIP folder and find 12 different wads. One of them I worked on today, but the other 11 are just from various points in time (mostly mid-2006). Here are some screenshots from some of the better ones.

This is today's project. It's eventually going to be a level, I suppose. That stream was originally water but I seem to have forgotten doom doesn't actually have a waterfall texture, just a bloodfall one.

This is one of my more complete levels. It even has 4 troopers and 2 demons, a start over most of these which have no items whastsoever (a couple lack playerstarts, even). I kind of like the layout on this one so I think I might complete it someday.

These are from (apparently) a Doom 1 episode I had planned. The first 3 are from the seemingly complete first level (though I should probably get rid of that disgusting SHAWN usage) and the second is a very incomplete second level that's all dark, cavernous, and spooky.

The driving idea behind this level was apparently "Get the keys in whichever order you feel like." Nonlinearity is good, but usually it works better when you have more than just that central exit hub.

Hopefully I can take some of the better Doom II maps and complete them, and maybe I'll string them together in a wad somehow.

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Ultimate_D00mFan64 said:

Yeah im kinda new at this wad file stuff and I was wondering if anyone could give me an insider of what it is exactly thank u!?!

I'm sure you can look something like that up, but I'll explain it to you anyway. ;) There are two types of WADs. IWADs are the original game's levelsets (Doom2, Plutonia, etc.) are can be run either with a source port or the original executable. PWADS are what us level designers create. It can can contain maps, music, sprites, graphics, etc. Running those alongside one of the IWADs will replace all the corresponding data. (e.g. if a PWAD has a map01 called "MyMap", then the Doom2 IWAD will run that instead of the "Entryway") So, in short, PWADS are the files you use to play custom maps and such through the original game.

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