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I was wondering, is there any plan for editing for Hellbent? Is there a configuration file for DB that can edit hellbent? I was impressed by the engine, and it would be a real shame if no one utilized its potential power.

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Actually, a few more questions about hellbent itself.
(1) I noticed that it has a BEHAVIOR lump in the demo wad. is this based on the ZDoom source?
(2)Is there any way to add single player support?
(3)Does Hellbent support any other model formats? (MD2, MDL?)

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1) Have you even looked at the source? This is written in C# (.NET 2.0) A friend and I have written this from scratch for 6 months as a school project. Nothing of ZDoom is used. The BEHAVIOR lump is probably there because Doom Builder wrote it (it is a Hexen format map after all) and the lump is probably empty (not doing anything else beside indicating that it is in Hexen format).

2) Hellbent was focused around singleplayer and cooperative play. That is in there.

3) No we only wrote support for MD2 models and animations.

If you are not planning on doing a good deal of coding, the Hellbent engine is not of much use to you. It is not a finished game, it is just a code base one could use as a start off to make a game.

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