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how to put additional textures into your wads

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ok so i want to put textures from wads such as gothic doom 2
but i cant put them into my wad when i do it does not let me play it?

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I think you have to compile them into the wad with wadmangle or xwe or something like that. the other people in this forum definitely will be able to give you a good answer.

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in XWE, export the PATCHES (not textures) you want with "Save As..."

Then, open your wad in XWE, go to patches, and choose Patches->Load

This will add those patches to your wad, and additionally will create textures with the name of the patches.

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I use DeepSea to turn the images into a wad file.

Then I import the wad with XWE into my current wad (merge them)

I right click and Add texture to patches and something else


Thats what I do though. It may not even be right, and I'm sure there is an easier way-- but whatever. It works for me fine in my wads.

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