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the iron hitman

Boom deep water?

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Hey all.

I know zdoom has a deep water function, and I know boom does too. But is there any way to create deep water in boom? And coloured lighting too? I know that in zdoom you can place things to simulate this, but does boom have a similar function?

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Actually yes. If you read boomref.txt which can be found somewhere on Team TNT's website and other places, you can learn about certain functions which allow for deep water and coloured light. Within Boom you can also implement effects such as wind, water current, friction, etc.

However, it's impossible in Boom to make deep water that you can swim through. The best replacement for the ability to swim up and down would be to use current and friction effects. The player will still fall to the bottom of the water areas right away, and won't be able to swim up, but with clever use of friction and current it will at least feel somewhat water-ish.

If you want to see some good water in a Boom wad, check this one out (made by me):
It doesn't have any deep water, but I use a variety of Boom control effects to make shallow water act as realistically as possible.

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You could use self-referencing sectors (i.e. invisible floors) to simulate the player swimming up and down to different heights in underwater areas. They won't have control over their height, but you can set it up so that they'll swim upwards or downwards depending on what they need to be able to do in different areas (swim through little openings, open doors, etc.)

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