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Anyone know a lot about cars?

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I've been having acceleration problems with my '87 BMW 528e and I was wondering if any of you could help me identify the problem. I have a hunch that it's the transmission because:

1) I can't press down on the gas, but just barely...otherwise the car acts like it's in neutral. So I have to go ass-slow. Like seriously, it's embarrassing driving around in a Beamer going that slow. Eventually I'll get up to speed and it doesn't seem to have a problem (I've tested it going over 100mph).

2) Takes awhile for the car to get in the gear it needs to be. I put this non-slip stuff in it and it worked for 10 minutes. I have a feeling it might be the tranny but I don't know.

3) Sometimes the throttle will get "stuck" resulting in the RPM's going well above 3k. I don't know if this is the result of the throttle cable or the transmission going out but when it's like that and I attempt to drive it, it's hard to get it to slow down (when I hit the brakes it stops but the RPM's are at 1.5k). Sometimes when I mash down on the gas (RPM's go up to 3.5k, car not accelerating) it "resets" itself, almost like the car calms down. This happens at random, most of the time when I'm going and I hit the brake to slow down, that's when the car goes crazy.

So I'm not sure if this is the transmission or not. Since it's a BMW it's pretty expensive to get it looked at and there's only one place in Visalia that will look at it, and they charge a whole bunch. And if it is the transmission I can imagine them charging me over 1500 to get it rebuilt/replaced.

Any ideas? It's had a couple of problems in the past but it's really a nice car and I don't want to get rid of it. Or should I just get rid of it?

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This really isnt the best place to ask. I know a couple of guys who might see this and might possibly know what the problem is, but really, this is a gaming forum. Try going over to http://www.bimmerforums.com/ and asking there, you're much more likely to find the help you need.

When you do post there, You should also mention if it's an Auto or a Manual gearbox.

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Sounds like an auto trans. And that does sound like that is the prob. If it is not to late you may be able to just have the bands adjusted on it. But, if you have driven it to long it will take a rebuild or maybe a replacement from a salvage yard to get it back going.

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If it needs a new transmission I'd say get rid of it unless you can get a replacement cheap and DIY. Your car probably isn't worth much more then the amount it'd cost you to replace the trans. Abandon ship.

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How many miles has it covered? Looking at the age I'm guessing well over 100k and maybe nearer 200? If so as the guys said an automatic transmission rebuild becomes a real possibility, but from what you've said it could be a host of minor things too like throttle body adjustment or just clutch.

I speak from experience when I say older Mercs (same applies to Bims) are a pleasure to own and they will last forever but now and again you just have to pay some big bills to keep them that way. And with automatic boxes you really do need to get a good independant garage or transmission specialists looking at it.

Let us know how you get on.

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