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Map bugs

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Hi, I'm knew to the forums but have known of Freedoom for a few years now and am impressed by the progress that it has made. Recently my friend and I have loaded up zdoom with the Freedoom wad for some cooperative play since he dose not have Doom 2. Along the way we've come across bugs in a lot of the maps, usually nothing serious just HOMs though we have come across a few show stoppers that need to be fixed. I would do it myself but I'm having trouble logging into the ftp.

map10: dose not have end of level trigger, either that or we couldn't find it. Simple fix is to give the door or the line before it in the last sector the end of level trigger.

map12: dose not have a second player spawn. This can also be fixed very easily.

map13: is not finished. Simple fix would be to remove the barrel obstruction and make the switch next to the red door the end of level trigger. Or change the yellow key to red and extend the map a little with whats already their you can kind of see were the author was going with it.

I also noticed that level 19: The Citadel still has no map, I have a really good idea for a citadel that I would live to make. Can I please have this map slot or has it already been assigned to someone else?

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I've tried logging on to the ftp multiple times on windows and linux through the console and browser. It always says connection timed out or something about not allowing anonymous root privileges depending on which ftp I try(they have two different ones depending on what page your on).

Good to hear that map 19 is open will upload what I've done as soon as I can connect to the damn ftp.

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I have uploaded fixed and enhanced maps 10 and 13. Hopefully they will be included in the next version of FreeDoom

It can take some time to access the ftp. Even so I use this with no problems ...


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Make sure you use passive mode; I think that's the only mode that works at the moment (ports used by active mode are firewalled off)

edit: oh yes, we still talk about vect.org somewhere, sorry about that. free.doomers.org is a machine I control and it seems to be working...

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