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Prince of Darkness

A question that many have asked.

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I don't know how much people get this, but...

I am in high school and am nearing the end of my year. I wanted to pull a small prank on the school and the teachers of my web design class, as we are using Dreamweaver 8 to make pages. And...I wanted to use a video to Rickroll my teachers.

But I didn't want to use Rick Astley's great face on them...I wanted to use another video and make it myself. How do I do this? How do I make an internet page Rick-Rollable/Rick-Rolla-like?

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Eh? You got some work ahead of you. There's a lot to be done if I read all your issues you want to deal with right. I'll let someone with competence to answer this.

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Hmm, I never recalled asking a question involving DreamWeaver and a prank... ;)

Regarding your post - Well, if you have the video, you need somewhere to host it, granting that you are not using YoutTube. Either way, once you set it all up, I don't see why you wouldn't have most if not all of the links on the page direct to the place the video has been hosted. Should be simple enough

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I'm rousing up a better senior prank. Me and my two buddies are trying to find kids with lockers in very different places in the school, and attach boat horns inside them, were gonna use a remote control device to activate them, then at a certain time in the day, activate all off them at once.

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fraggle said:

I for one don't understand the question.

I am trying to upload a video onto a DreamWeaver 8 made website that used the same source code that the Rick rolled video uses, so that they could only initiate a force quit to get out of the video.

I didn't want to cause any problems, and I didn't want to post it or do anything mean; I just wanted to see if I could.

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