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Thanks for all the fish

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Hey guys. I made it fairly clear that once we'd release 0.6., I planned to work on a ground-breaking 0.7 release before stepping down from freedoom.

However, I've basically got so little time I think that I'm a blocker for any momentum that people might generate behind freedoom. I've decided to step down now.

This has been quite difficult to write and I could fiddle with it more and more to try and get it more succinct, encouraging, or whatever, but I should just get it out there, so I will.

I'd like to write a few words of encouragement for those people following the project or who have ideas:

Just do it!

Macro11_1 and all those interested in speed mapping or completing the new levels, sort it out! Please don't wait for any official blessing. Do it, show it off, and it'll get incorporated.

Someone kindly tried to rework the freedoom site and sent me a URL to their work-in-progress. Thank you. Keep at it! Bug fraggle some more.

If anyone thinks they have the energy to help oversee the project, I'd suggest getting in touch with fraggle and asking to be a comaintainer.

I think this project works best when people just do stuff they think need doing. Don't wait for official blessing, or to be handed on responsibility for something from up on above. Experiment, play, remix, cut up and replace the existing levels and resources, create something cool and let's just see where it takes the project.

I will still maintain an FTP site at free.doomers.org for people to submit stuff to. If anyone wants an email when people upload stuff, just let me know - I've got a script that mails me the changes daily (although I think it's broken.)

Thanks everyone for all your support :)

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I guess its about that time... you have your reasons :)
I think you did an excellent job and I will be sad to see you go.

I will also take your advice to heart and look in to some sort of map drive... or something, one thing though. You said "completing the new levels" Do you mean that some of the old levels in the FD2.Iwad(not sure if its an iwad or pwad) are out of date or bad?

Sorry for the confusion, im just making sure I get exactly what you mean... or if any one else can tell me, feel free to tell me :)

Anyways, Adios... good luck and good life.

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Freedoom was my source of Doom until I finally bought Doom on Steam. Thanks Jon.

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I'm very happy with Freedoom. I felt the levels aren't there, but since I don't mind random levels, Freedoom + Oblige has given me hours of fun!

I think Freedoom has achieved its goal of making it possible to play and enjoy Doom using 100% free resources. Yeah, it would have been nice to have gotten all of the levels done, or to have gotten all of the sprites done, but it's good enough for a fun game today.

Thanks a lot for all of the work and contributions!

- Sam

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