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My new project Voom 2

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I thought the areas were rather bland, being just one room with a door or a small window doesn't really want me to progress further into the game. Try to add more detail into the rooms. Also, check your misaligned textures, as I spot a few, as well as some common mistakes (lower unpeg the door tracks) And one final thing, either get rid of some zombies or add more items. I suggest both. You went a little insane with the zombies later in the levels.

This is obviously one of your first wads, but I suggest not working on a project for now and just keep practicing and taking my advice.

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Map01 - too many troopers, not enough health. Unpegged texture in Blue door frame, mis-matched textures in next door's frame.

Map02 - demon in a soundproof room, hedge looks terrible, Blue key and Red switch are redundant.

You are at least using more appropriate monsters for low-numbered maps.

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