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heretic map; some "thinks" missing *solved*

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hello, i had been practicing level editing with doom builder and
tried to construct some heretic levels. i wondered why my teleports
didnt work. when i checked the tutorial and original levels for
example, i didnt find any difference. then i released that some of
the thinks wasnt even in the level. monsters and pickups were, but
not the barrels or the wall torches. and not the teleport glitter
either, (which i dont know is it really needed for heretic- teleports).
all the thinks show up in the editor (off course) and in the 3d mode
as they should.

that makes me wonder;
a) doombuilder doesn't save every think in the level on heretic mode,
some configurations perhaps missing?
b) i had placed thinks somehow wrongly, even i dont find how.
they should have the space needed for bounding boxes and theyre
tagged for every skilllevel.
c) ?

im using doom builder 1.68 build 385

// sorry, just solved this "problem"
i just noticed that it was because my objects/thinks wasnt flagged right, i understand flag usage wrongly. flagged to number "7" and
no multiplayer. *ashamed*

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There is no problem with Doom Builder here as far as I know. You probably just didn't put it together properly. Moving it to the editing forum.

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