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Indiana Jones . . . sans flesh

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Cool. BTW another name for the whip skeletons is "Shimon", which is basically Japanese for Simon. That is, they're like Dracula's mockery of Simon Belmont (how this makes sense in CV3 I dunno). IIRC they were called this in the original game's Japanese manual, and then again in Harmony of Dissonance.

I just remember them due to how dangerous they were, especially in Super Castlevania IV. Whip me once, shame on you. Whip me twice.. ahh damn I died.

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Good work, especially since skeletons require a lot of precision to make the bones look good.

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I'm aware of the Shimon name usage in the Japanese version of Harmony of Dissonance, White Night Concerto,

The name "Shimon" actually has a duel meaning, in katakana it could be considered a phonetic spelling of "Simon" (that said "Saimon" would actually be a better katakana spelling), in which case, yes, it is intended to denote Simon Belmont. On the other hand, in literal Japanese, Shimon means "Death's Gate", which is the name the creatures are given in the American Castlevania 3 manual.

In my opinion, a Blood Skeleton is different from these "normal" whipping skeletons, and the name does not apply. Blood Skeletons, so far as I can remember, are always segregated as unique species in Castlevania in-game bestiaries, no doubt due to their immortality, which I would argue elevates them above the "common" undead.

Skeletons aren't too bad to make. The pelvis and ribcage are the trickiest parts, but that's offset by the ease in which the legs and arms can be constructed, as those shapes are very simple. My main concern was the pelvis trying to self-destruct on me during painting, as it did with my Revenant.

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