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Metal Contact Sound Effect

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There's a sound effect that I hear in many modern video games these days ALL THE TIME and I want to get it for something I'm working on. It's the sound of a bullet making contact with metal. I've searched many times on findsounds.com, and did endless google searches. I can't find this sound. I know there are many variants of it. I found the sound once merged with another sound here:


But I can't find the sound alone by itself. Does anyone have that metal sound im looking for? Does anyone know any links to get it and it's many variants? I need it in .WAV format.

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Good sources of sound effects include the cheapo games Hellforces and Manhattan Chase, both of which have loads of sound effects all stored as .wavs in folders on your drive. Just don't, whatever you do, play them. (well actuallt Hellforces is fun to begin with but gets repetitive and annoying)

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