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hello, and a question

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hi, i am new to doomworld i mainly joind for help with level editing in doom2. I use doombulder and deepsea. I can do most bacick things in it. But thair is won bacick thing that i just cannot seem to master..
how in the hell do you make doors in this game? seriously?!

i have never joined an internet forum before so forgive me for typing errors and anything stupid i might do,

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but really, i have ben trying to open other wads to see how they are made but my doors just don't seem to work correctly, im getting some kind of texture problems and they wont function, any hints? suggestions?

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The deepsea tutorial shows how to make doors. Step by step. Create the tutorial map, it covers doors.

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robo-ky said:

ill check that out, i think i have ben building them inside out

Since you brought this up, I think I ought to point out that all switches and doors in Doom only work if the linedef's frontside is facing where the player will be activating it from. Just so you know if you didn't already. =)

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