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DeePsea 11.41 Palette Editor

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DeePsea v11.41 was just posted - www.sbsoftware.com

I made a small mistake in 11.3 that combined 2 dialogs into 1 when you press the "enter" key for some fields.

I'm always tinkering with ideas and so I finished the DOOM Patette editor. Press F7 and press "Edit Palette". It's fun and easy to play with. [see the change log for other changes].

11.41 is a free upgrade all registered 11.3 and newer users. Please email me if you can receive 750kb attachments.

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It's $29 for email delivery. Add $5 s/h for mail.

To order, follow the "Order Link" on the left hand side.

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For first time ever---I went to your website. Wow, the endless number of things that your Deepsea Editor can do!
Reading the descriptions of just a FEW of Deepsea's features, made for "purty awesome" reading.
No doubt about it, you have a streak of genius, Jack.

Have you ever thot of "branching out" and building an Editor for Serious Sam also? If you decide to, I'll bet you just might blow-away the other Sam Editors.
After Christmas I'm gonna have to try Deepsea. I don't think WadAuthor is EVER going to be heard from again (an "upgrade" for it).
So it iooks like you have the Editor field to yourself Jack. Well you work hard, you do top work---you earned it.

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Thank you for the compliment.

Didn't know there were other Serious Sam editors besides the one that shipped with it. Do you have a link to one to see what you mean?

As the ports and machines change, more tools become worthwhile. And example of this is the new Palette editor.

As I played with palettes, a side product popped out. I was able to add direct ZDOOM decal editing to DeePsea with just a few lines of code. Believe it or not, this discovery was caused initially by a mistake on my part in forgetting to reset the palette from a greyscale. Whoa.

Decal feature is not posted yet, but will in a few, since in my enthusiam over the palette I used the wrong function to set the palette back - which can cause an oogly windows error screen:)

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