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Quick and Dirty jDoom3 Model Pack

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Hello I use doomsday and have a question I downloaded the jDoom3 Model Pack from doom city and Don't know how to make it work properly.
I tick JDRP and Jdoom3 Model pack in the addons section but the enemy flash between the doom3 ones and the ones from the resource pack how do you tick which models you want to use so I can use both packs and have doom 3 monsters.

Somebody gave this advice on you tube " open snowberry and, in the "addons"-> resource packs; tick: Jd3m and jdrp (of course)
Now go to "jdoom resource pack" --> Monsters: and untick
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This way it use both packs but the monsters of jd3mp.
if you never used Jdrp (...) just go to Addons and tick the box named jd3mp "

All I need to know how do I untick the monsters so I can use both packs.

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