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Killer coral

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This is a Remora, a randomly encountered coral monster from the 1990 Squaresoft Final Fantasy III Nintendo Famicom video game (said game was also recently remade, in 3D, for the Nintendo DS).

Newsprint, Kleenex, white glue, acrylic paint, and sand.

6.9 cm/2.7 in. x 9.0 cm/3.5 in. (highest point x widest point)

Approximately two days; I started this project on 5/30/08 and finished it the next day, 5/31/08.

For comparison purposes, below is the Remora game sprite from the Nintendo Famicom version of Final Fantasy III.

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thats cool. I love the color on the main body. both my brothers are playing the DS remake. it looks pretty cool. damn, I need to get a DS.

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Brilliant work. The textures, on all parts of the Remora, are excellent.

But crap. I've never played ff3, just ff4! Damnit!

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