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New catagories in DECORATE?

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Hi again.
Using the WRW and various custom stuffs, my DECORATE file has become fairly large. I wanted to sort it into a few different catagories.

I noticed that the Glock in WRW has it's own catagory below DECORATE called NewWeapons. I assumed it was because of this code:

ACTOR Glock : Weapon 25095
//$Category NewWeapons
Weapon.SelectionOrder 180

However, whenever I try to use any similar (replacing the NewWeapons with some other name) command or even the exact same command, I either get a Run-time error (35602) that closes Doom Builder, or nothing happens at all.

So how do you use this without frying Doom Builder?

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Email me the WAD file which makes it crash and I'll see why it crashes. I will PM you my email address and I will reply here.

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But, I changed over to Doom Builder X (I'm upgrading my Doom setup today), and it works fine now. I can create all the categories I could want. Kind of weird.

EDIT: Oh, it's ZDoom (Doom in Hexen format). Almost forgot that.

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The Doom Builder I had I got off a third-party site. It's possible while it said 1.68, it wasnt really 1.68. Never actually checked.

Well the important thing is it worked. :)

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