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3 Monster Portraits

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Finally I got a peice up for you guys to check out.

So this is a triple Portrait of 3 of my monsters, Banana Monster, Typhoon, and Abyss. This was done in MS Paint with a MOUSE. I don't own a pen for the computer. http://adamkotm.deviantart.com/art/The-Portrait-87818566

Here's a little bit of info on the 3 Monsters

He has quite a bizaar appearance. A yellow, humanoid body with a greyish reptilian hair with dark eyes and blazing orange hair. What the hell is he?!?! It's Banana Monster! Banana is very energetic, robust, and powerful. His musculature and physique make him both incredibly strong and nimble. He flares up when he becomes excited or provoked. Generally he is very kind and jokes around, but it's not wise to get on his bad side.

Typhoon is a naga, having fins on his head, arms, and tail (as well as no legs). His body allows him to be adept at swimming, but displays amphibious trates as he can live just fine outside of the water. Like Banana Monster, Typhoon is very muscular, giving him a bulky appearence. He has a heart of gold, and is actually quite intelligent. He tries to be romantic when ladies are around, but it doesent always work.

Almost always boasting an evil grin on his mysterious face, Abyss is the darkest of monsters. While not necissarily evil, he is deffinetly sadistic. He has a humanoid appearence, but his body is armored, like that of a scarab. A horn protrudes from his forhead, which is concealed by a cloak. Abyss is incredibly powerful. Not only is he physically strong, but he posesses powerful dark magic that can rend someone to shreds. He spends most of his time in the Netherworld, looking for demons to test his dark powers upon.

By the way, MmM, I have a sketch of Grog too, but he's in my scraps section since I probably will do more updates to his design.

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Cool monster designs; I liked Abyss and Grog the best. Are you planning on making comics or something for them, as you've already got fairly detailed back story/personalities for them?

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Considering how hard it is to draw with a mouse, I can't really agree with Rainer. Actually, considering the tools you used, you got surprisingly good line control on these. My beef is that the faces of the first and second guys look too similar (unless they're members of the same species, but even then I'd expect more differences than skin color). Definitely better than what I expected to see.

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With Banana and Typhoon, I will agree that the facial structures are similar, but not Abyss. When I get a chance I will get more detailed pics up.

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