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Good/Evil Alignments - Implemented or Needed?

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Alright, first and foremost, I'm new here, yes. I registered just today, yes. I found my DOOM II game buried in a heap of junk in my basement, yes. I got a whole bunch of mods, yes. I used, and for the most part, figured out DoomBuilder, GZ and ZDoom, yes. I am an idiot, no. I'm going to keep going on like this, maybe.

I searched the forum using the Search function, looking for keywords that would be used in what I'm trying to find out, but no such luck in it being found.

What I'm looking for is answers:

Does DoomBuilder hold a function that allows one to change the alignment of "Thing"(monsters in particular) from 'aggro' to 'friendly'?

And if so, could someone tell me how to do it?

The reason I ask these questions is because I find that I am able to use script commands such as 'summonfriend' in ZDoom. I know that if I set a friendly 'bosseye', the resulting cubes will also be friendly. The same applying to Pain Elementals and their Lost Souls.

I'm trying to build a map in which a war will ensue between friendly and unfriendly monsters, in which the player(s) will determine the ultimate outcome of this battle.

A sample of this, using 'summonfriend bosseye' commands. The map itself is far from finished, I need to add slopes and blocks for enemy eyes and friendly eyes to throw blocks at so the monsters spawn from each side respectively.

...You can understand what I'm trying to accomplish.
Far from original, I know. I'm sure others have thought of it, but I just thought I'd try and make my own.

Please, any help would be appreciated!

EDIT: Okay, I'm now finding in various screenshots and posts references pointing to a scripting function INSIDE DoomBuilder. But after much searching and sweating and sourly cursing, I can find no evidence of such a function. So I've come to the conclusion that I am either: A) A complete idiot, or B) I did something wrong in creating this and have thus disabled/hidden the scripting function.


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Unfortunately, there's no simple friendly/unfriendly switch for monsters in any port (as far as I'm aware of) but you should be able to use ACS or DECORATE scripting somehow to get this to work. I don't actually know how to use either of those features at all so I can't really help you. Ask your question again on the ZDoom forums, and do a lot of research in the ZDoom wiki.

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Zdoom in Hexen Doom format-
Your map, right click on things for "Boss Head" and "Cube Spawn" and set on the Flag -friendly , it should be there, that will make the monster your friend, you try that yet?

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It doesn't depend on the format, as ZDoom supports it in both. When relying on the Doom format it uses the same bit (7) as MBF, which introduced friendly monsters.

Oridez, make sure the editor is in (either) ZDoom mode. If it's in Doom or Boom mode the friendly flag shouldn't be available.

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A couple of screenies might be nice, from beginning to end. I'm having difficulty finding how the hell to work this thing. Dx It's like, Hell on Earth. Pun intended.

EDIT: P.S. I feel like a complete nublet. *facepalm*

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I was just checking and you might not even need to set a ZDoom configuration (which is chosen when you open a WAD to edit, in the dialog that come up, where it says "configuration").

Go to "Things" mode from the Edit menu. Things in the WAD you opened will light up. Right-click a monster (pink or magenta), and its properties dialog comes up. There's a box for the "flags value"; add 128 to the current value to make the monster friendly in an engine that supports the feature (MBF, ZDoom, &c).

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Ooh ooh ooh ooh lemme try this. :3


Now if only I could find stuff to make two separate sets of monsters, one with normal values and the other with friendly values, differing in colour, so that when they spawn I can tell them apart... Oh well, this helps for the time being. :D

EDIT2: Is it possible to add new monsters to the roster?

EDIT3: Also, two other things. Is there a flag to create monsters that fight only other monsters, possibly monsters with a certain flag? If so, would it be possible to make some monsters not 'friendly' in the traditional sense, but more 'allied'? So they don't follow me around, and see other monsters and attack them?

EDIT 4: I really need to figure out how to get them damn scripty-thingies working.

I feel dumb. Dx

EDIT 5: I FINALLY unlocked the Script bar. Woots. Now to do some scripting...

EDIT 6: I'm not entirely sure, but PHP is a script. Is it possible to use that in this editor? Because I'm learning that. Otherwise I have to find my old Javascript and C++ books.

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you use acs in zdoom for scripting. Just like the scripts in hexen.
Use this and knock yourself out. http://zdoom.org/wiki/ACS

BTW, Doom builder DOES have a scripting tool built in. It's in the menus and I think the name for it involves BEHAVIOR. It may be something like "Edit BEHAVIOR lump"
Just setting the flags should be enough though.

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I can only seem to access the scripting when I put it to 'Zdoom(Doom in Hexen)' mode. Oh, and thanks for the help. :)

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