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Bionic Commando Rearmed

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It'll be here on PSN tonight. I'm going to purchase it immediately, no time for demos. :)

Jello, what difficulty are you playing on? I heard that they added all these things like a health bar and surplus of extra lives, and made the game way too easy.

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Edward850 said:

Walmart? Best Buy? When you live in New Zealand, you don't get those names.

Bah, I'm being nation centric, didn't realize you were a New Zealander. But yeah at the very least I'm sure most first world countries have some sort of sprawling stores that sell ms cards.

Shrimpy, I'm currently playing on normal, I always start games on normal. I'll probably go up to hard after I finish this run through. Yes they added a health bar, but the original had a health system as well but you had to earn the health points by killing x amount of enemies. It is a bit easier than the original, but it's still made me say fuck a fair few times. The first few levels are really easy, but it certainly gets tougher as you go on. It's nowhere near Contra hard, but it has a really good balance between being frustrating and being fun because you can survive 3 hits. As for the extra lives, I think they are a bit excessive, you can get a free one each time you hit a convoy on the map and go into an overhead battle where the only enemy you have to kill is the truck at the end, bypassing all the other enemies. However I don't stockpile them, it seems rather cheap. The real enemy is timing your grapples right and not flying into a pile of spikes or falling into an abyss. As I said though, this is on normal and it can still be frustrating enough to turn it off after trying a level ten times, but half an hour later you start it up again. I've heard that hard and super hard get extremely difficult though, but I've yet to try them out so I can't comment on them. The save/continue system though is just a sign of the times though, most people don't have the time to sit and play through an entire game in one sitting anymore.

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Inb4 Needs More Action.

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