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Jekyll Grim Payne

"Wizardry 2" - Harry Potter-styled weapon mod

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Well, the idea came long ago. That's why this mod is titled "Wizardry 2" - "Wizardry" 1st part was released long ago and not on Doomworld.

However, my skills improved a lot, and I made a remake.

This is decorate weapon mod, you'll need GZDoom 1.1.0 or newer to play it.

The thing is, that it was not a big work - there's generally one weapon (wand) and no weapon changing animation... But, I think it's nice at least because it's unusual.

link: http://ashigaru-rostov.narod.ru/mods/Wizardr2.zip

It's NOT a direct link, though it may look like one. Click it, you'll se the link on the page.

As for mod description, I'll copy one from txt:

In addition to wand you also have almost useless mace, but wand is the main weapon.
There's no weapon changing animation, so you'd better use 'Alternative Hud' in order to watch which charm is selected.

Color sparks on the end of the wand will help you to see which spell is selected. You can mix Protego with ExpectoPatronum or Insendio with Imperio, as their sparks look similar, but more powerful spells have much more sparks.

There's only one type of ammo - mana, though there are many different mana potions of various sizes.


1: Pulling Charm (Accio) - with Accio you may pull any items to you; alt-attack: Self-Pushing charm (Accendio) - with this you can push yourself forward (especially effective when jumping)

1: Protection Charm (Protego) - creates a shield for a short time which protects you from most attacks and reflects projectiles; alt-attack: Finish it (Finite) - removes shield immediately (you should point your wand on it)

2: Stoppage Curse (Impedimenta) - this curse may stop for 15 seconds most enemies (the stronger enemy is the lower the chance is)

3: Reductor Curse (Reducto) - this curse makes a powerful immediate hit, like a very good pistol

4: Slashing Curse (Sectumsempra) - powerupful curse which performs horizontal slash and splits enemies apart

5: Explosive Curse (Expulso) - performs powerful explosion in the point of aim

6: Inflaming Curse (Insendio) - very powerful but short distance curse which turns your wand into flamethrower; careful, it may burn you as well if you run forward towards the fire

7: Petrification Curse (Petrificus Totalus) - this curse freezes enemies for a whole minute, has better inficting chance than Impedimenta and can freeze multiple enemies at once

8: Imperius Curse (Imperio) - unforgivable Imperius Curse makes enemies fight for you, but strong-willed enemies may resist it

9: Patronus Charm (Expecto Patronum) - it summons your personal protector - Patronus, which is immaterial and invulnerable and can slash enemies very fast, but every second of Patronus's life costs 3 mana; alt-attack: Finish it (Finite) - removes Patronus (you don't have to point your wand on it, it can be anywhere)

0: Mace - one-handed weak mace

Attacking Curses (Reducto, Sectumsempra, Expulso and Insendio) also have non-verbal variants (alternative attacks), which are almost twice weaker, but faster, as you don't have to pronounce the incantation.


Zombies are replaces with enemy mages - weakest use Reducto, medium ones use weakened Sectumsempra, and the strongest ones use Insendio - beware of these guys in close range!!

Arch-Vile takes only 10% of damage from Inflaming Curse and is very good at resisting Imperius Curse.

Revenant and Arachnotron are especially good at resisting Stoppage Curse as they have almost no flesh, but Petrification Curse is still quite effective.

Bosses resist almost all special curses, however Cyberdemon has a tiny chance to be petrified and Spider Mastermind has a tiny chance to be possessed by Imperius Curse.

P.S. All the incantations were pronounced by me. I'm Russian, so they are pronounced without English pronunciation, but more with Latin one. I studied Latin, and most of the incantations are modified Latin words or English words modified in Latin style. Therefore my pronunciation differs from incantation pronunciation in HP movies - actually, actors (or scenario writers) sometimes made obvious mistakes. Well, I followed Latin pronunciation rules.

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When I read this I thought... nah, never going to work. As I downloaded it I thought... why am I doing this. When I played with it I thought... Cool! I like it. It's different and (IMO) it works. I like the voice acting too. Despite what you said, as a native English speaker, it's very clear to me that you have a Russian accent, as well as you Latin pronunciation, however this adds to the effect IMO.

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I've always wanted to be a Russian Wizard and this mod lets me live that fantasy!

Fun and original, this is a seriously impressive mod. It looks like you've put a lot of work into it too. Good work.

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Now you can create Harry Potter style of maps :)

Edit : I'll test your mod, because it seems interesting, but nor for now because GZDoom freeze on my comp these days (I guess Skulltag would be ok ?)

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A few minor points for improvement:

The particles that come off the tip of the wand would be better if they had the +dontsplash flag. Occasionally, when you have a splash WAD loaded (especially a footfall terrain WAD), you can hear them hitting the ground. This even happens when you walk up to a door. Presumably the particles are non-clipping and so pass through into the door sector and get forced onto the floor of the zero height sector forming the door.

The Patronus will get stuck if you summon him in a room with a ow ceiling.

You seem to have made the radius of some of the pickups smaller than the things they replace (or maybe it's something to do with float bobbing). As a result, I was unable to pick up a few weapons on platforms that I would normally be able to grab.

eg, these can all be grabbed:

These can not

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sounds interesting. I'll try this when I get back to the US.

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Re-uploaded the file 5 minutes ago. The last change: Accio can also pull many decoration objects (torches, candles, etc.), these objects can also be pushed. However, explosive barrel will explode after a few attempts to pull it.

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Thanks, guys :)

Reuploaded once more (hope this'll be the last fix). I added +DONTSPLASH to particle sparks and rebalanced Patronus Charm: now it takes 50 mana to summon Patronus, but it takes only 3 mana/sec.

As for size of items... yeah, I guess I changed some. However, I don't think it's a big problem, as you can pull items to you with Accio.

Speaking about pronunciation, we don't know for sure how Latin sounded, I know only a number of points (e.g. clear consonants including "r" and clear vowels even when unstressed), so perhaps it resembles Russian pronunciation more than English, but who knows. I just tried to follow rules aboud "cc" read as [kc] and the rule to stress the syllable next to last.

I'm not really sure what "fizzle" means, but we can do anything to projectiles. They can have "pain" state as well as items and monsters, through custom pain states it's possible to make different effects. It's quite easy to make weapon which may destroy projectiles, or freeze them, or push them away - anything.

I'm not sure about Skulltag. Actually I never used this source port, I know it supports decorate, but I'm not sure if it catches up on GZDoom. Perhaps it'll work all right.

As for maps in HP style: yeah, I'm going to do some. But not now. Now I have some project "Fantasma" which is supposed to be 5-level megawad for GZDoom, and I'm going to finish it, and I don't know how much time it takes. Actually, it's no easy for me to make maps, I've already got half a dozen unfinished maps, and now I want to finish "Fantasma" while I haven't lost my insipration yet :)

But I won't forget the idea about "Hogwarts" wad, I'll try to do something with interesting quests and a lot of new weapons and enemies.

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Excuse me, I know it's not appropriate thread, but I really don't get it. I tried to upload the file on Doomworld FTP, used FileZilla and followed all the instructions. But everytime I try to upload something I get "421 Sorry, there is already 1 user from logged on. Try again in 10 minutes." What is tha supposed to mean?

Once I somehow succeded to download one file, but something happened to my connection, and as a result the file was uploaded only partially and of course was soon deleted.

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