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10x - Ten Times the monsters!

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Here's another "I posted this everywhere else so I'll post it here too".

For (G)Zdoom and Skulltag:

10x multiplies the default doom enemies by 10 at the start of the level. Simple, but tough! Because of the collisions I had to make it so you can run through the monsters. Also there's a weird bug where the monsters "play dead", and get back up once you blast them. Have fun :P


I also made a weapons addon to make the weapons 10 times as powerful to make things easier. It's optional so you'll have to run zdoom with both wads.


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Huge huge huge bugs: whenever you start a level, all the monsters are instantly alerted. I'm guessing the monsters don't transfer things like deafness.

Interesting idea, though.

Edit: Monsters also fall off cliffs.

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It's not a bug, just impossible to deal with if I want it to work on all wads.

The monsters drop off ledges so it's possible for more monsters to spawn on small ledges etc.

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I think it would be cooler if you just made items give 10x ammo, and monsters had 10x as much health. Except to prevent from boredom, I'd reccomend something like 3-5x as tough. If possible, maybe you could make it vary with difficulty.

ITYTD - 1x (default)
HNTR - 2x Ammo, 2x MonsterHP
HMP - 3x Ammo, 3x MonsterHP
UV - 4x Ammo, 4x MonsterHP
Nightmare - I have no idea.

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Lol, this is crazy. I think someone's comment on the ZDoom forums about Nuts.wad was "0.000000000000001 fps". Evidentially, it did not work too well :P

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