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A few bugs in MAP02

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I found a few bugs in MAP02:

1. In the barrel room, I found a HOM:

2. In one of the other rooms, I found a two faced switch:

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Regarding pic1 there is no fault in the map itself. I suspect it is port related. Which port are you using ?

Pic 2 is not a bug per-se. The texture used is sw1strtn, which is 64 units in width, but the author put it on a line 128 units in length, hence seeing the texture twice. Granted, it would have looked better on a line with a length of 64.

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Yeah, that's my level. It's not finished yet - the part with the double switch is supposed to lead to a whole new area but it isn't done yet, so I put the switch in as a stopgap measure so you can at least complete the level.

I haven't noticed any HOM before, though. Are you using hardware or software rendering?

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That looks like the HOM I saw using ZDoom. GZDoom also produced a HOM using the slime floor from the upper level.

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