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Was there a DOOM soundtrack?

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When I was looking on the Doom rpg site. I looked down at the random Trivia and saw this...

Q: In 1997 a Doom soundtrack was released. What was the soundtrack title?

A: Doom Music

Anyways, Im guessing its just the music from Ultimate Doom and Doom 2. But, I never knew they released a soundtrack. Anyone know if its from all the doom games or if theres any original songs in it?

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Here's a brief rundown of the CD, which I do still have, by the way. It's not a complete "soundtrack" per se, but rather a compilation of 20 tracks taken from both games selected by Bobby Prince himself. They're more or less the exact same versions as the Roland MIDI mp2 files here on Doomworld, with a few slight variations on most tracks i.e. some added live instrumentation here and there and some tracks either lengthened or shortened somewhat. You'll notice examples of such differences on tracks such as "They're Going to Get You" and "Waiting for Romero to Play". Standout tracks on the CD include "At DOOM's Gate" with SFX from the game intermixed in the music, "Donna to the Rescue" with a new melody starting at 0:21 and the familiar in-game melody not starting until about 2:07, and "Intermission From DOOM" playing at twice its normal tempo. As far as the track arrangement, it was specifically designed for the Quake 1 levels, as inscribed on the back of the CD case.

I hope that answers some of your questions.

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