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What happened to “Downfall“

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I just wonder what happened to the “Downfall“ project. The author got banned from Doomworld, but does anybody know whether “Downfall“ is finished?

Here is the old thread about it:

Old “Downfall” thread

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I guess that ban was his downfall. You could check other forums to see if there was any additional info (ZDoom, Newdoom, &c). This is the guy who made a fuss about Laz Rojas supposedly being a transvestite (because of the characters he portrayed) and ranted in a fascist manner, getting banned (I think more than once) for trolling.

Had he allowed users to see his email or made a website you'd have something more solid to start your search from.

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Heh, i personally thought it was Laz himself who came off as the "fascist" (National Socialist really) bigot in that 'other' thread myself (cue re-appearance and phelpsite rant)

Would like to see that level though. I saw a show a while back with the geophysics survey of Hitler's bunker complete with CGI re-creations, it looked a cool place to run around in. I think it was almost entirely demolished and caved-in because it was at one point just after the war in both Communist and Capitalist sectors of Berlin (before the actual borders where solidified) and they where worried about spies getting through. If it had survived intact i reckon it'd have made a huge, if morbid, tourist attraction

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