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Stuck on a weapon.

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I hoped to make it a success but, yes, like the big n00b I am, I'm stuck again.

I hoped to test out the spark(SPRK) projectiles on the ThunderHand(THRH) weapon but it sorta #$@ed up. When I tested it on DECX I got this message.

"DECORATE line 28" Actor spark already defined"

That's all well and good, but there's one problem...

There is NO line 28!

What did I do wrong...

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ZDoom already has an object defined as 'Spark' (I'm assuming). Try renaming your spark object something, like, 'actionspark' and it should work.

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Okay. That fixed that error. Now when I test it on DECX, it only shows the pistol and nothing else...

I changed the ammo to Rocketammo for now instead of mana but it isn't even reading it as a weapon...


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OK, are these Rapidshare security codes honestly supposed to be legible... O.o
I doubt it, so when I can't read it and type it in wrong, I have to wait another minute to try again, altough this can all be avoided by subscribing to their service to bypass this. =)

It may just be easier to post the weapon's code in these forums.

Anyway, you made your new weapon's Thing number "2001", which confuses Zdoom since that's already the Shotgun's number. Your weapon will work fine if you change that number to something that isn't already defined (I made it "10000".) Remember that the number must be <= 34463.

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esselfortium said:

Jeez, that's even worse than the blurry scribbles of cats. D:

Bah! They try to make it as stupid as possible so that you can pay for a friggen membership.

That grid makes me dizzy. Oof...

Sorry DD. I'll do everyone a favor and post the DECORATE next time.

One quick question. You tested it? It worked well? Really? How do you replace the custom weapon with the doom weapons?

What's the technique?

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If you want your new weapon to replace a regular weapon in Zdoom, here's what I think the easiest thing to do is. You would want to make the new weapon separate from the weapon you're replacing (like number "10000" or something) and put that in the map instead of the weapon you're replacing. The KEYCONF lmp should allow you to clear existing weapon selection keys and define new ones, so you could make the "3" key select your weapon instead of the shotgun.

You may find this source helpful.

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