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Please help me with this DoomBuilder problem

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LIKE UMMM HOW DO I USE THIS DARN THING i get some thing like this
WARNING: You have no IWAD file set for this configuration!

what do i do plz give me the right files i need to use

and can anyone give me a tut on how to use this darn freakin thing

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Steeveeo said:

Assuming that you are talking about Doombuilder, I'd read the manual if I were you.

and ummm where the heck is that cuase icant find it

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Do you have doom.wad / doom2.wad / plutonia.wad / tnt.wad ? You're going to need those.

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Please set more descriptive titles for your thread. "help i am new" says nothing about the contents of the thread. Read the FAQ if you have not already done so.

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