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Janitor's Wad Nominations

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I've seen some fairly impressive WADs lately, and I'd like to put in a few predictions about what wads will receive cacowards or the like this year. Granted, 2008 is not over and I'm not excluding other possibilities, as I havent played every wad released this year. I'd like to get a consensus and what people think are truly legendary wads this year.

Potential Cacoward Candidates:

ZPack - Some nice maps in here, with some interesting variety. From timed maps to slaughter maps, it liked what I saw

DV II - An excellent collection of well thought out maps. I thought it was pretty epic. The maps were beautiful and the gameplay was well thought out. Consistent quality all the way through.

Potential Jokewad Candidates:

CIF3 - This was amazing with the amount of scripting, and a good level of detail. And it was just plain funny. Kudos to Kaiser.

Potential Worst Wad - Anything by Ruba

What does everyone else think?

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Why can't I access the "blogs" part from the home page of the forums btw ?

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It's intentionally hidden, I'm not really sure why. I usually get there by clicking New Blog on the top of the page, then clicking the link back to Doomworld Forums > Morons > Blogs, from there.

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