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Voodoo dolls and extra player 1 starts...

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Forgive my ignorance, but what do people mean by a voodoo doll??

Is it having more than one player one start on a map, so that other doomguy sprites appear?

I know that if you put more than one P1 start, and one of those other P1 start sprites takes damage, you take the same damage (monsters or barrels, hurty floors sectors) but I also know that monsters will ignore any other player one other than y ourself. is there a way to make monsters target other P1 starts? this would be useful in all sorts of ways...ie having a hidden sector with an extra P1 start and a chaingunner at a distance... as you moved you would take odd random damage as the chaingunner shot at your "other" P1, which would be like bleeding.

There are other ideas that I have, but I need to understand this better....

thanks for any help here guys... :)

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Yes, you are correct. Extra player starts in single player and cooperative mode spawn extra player avatars, which due to less than thorough logic in P_SpawnMobj, attaches all of the objects to the same player. Only the last such object spawned becomes the player's actual body.

Inside the engine, it ends up in this kind of situation for the voodoo doll objects:

mobj->player->mo != mobj

So although each thing thinks it is the player, the player only knows of one thing it is attached to, and this can lead to some weird behaviors.

The name voodoo doll was used because shooting one is like poking a voodoo doll of yourself with a needle. And because they just sit around, like dolls :)

Because enemies only look for actual players, there's no way to make an enemy angry at a voodoo doll. You can cause them to take environmental damage from crushers, nukage, polyobjects, etc., or put them in the line of fire of monsters or the player. You can even use them as instant death traps by putting them on teleport pads. And in BOOM based engines, you can put them on conveyor belts and achieve a sort of scripting system nearly equal in power to Doom 64's macros.

So though they can't do precisely what you're looking for, they can do an awful lot of cool stuff.

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