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yestrday.wad... get it.

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Hiya all...

Just thought I would tell you about a really good wad that I have recently played through. It's called "yestrday.wad" (notice the missing e in yestrday, its not misspelt) by Ray Schmitz.

Was a great level. The gameplay is not overly tough but still very fluid and good. If you are a mapper though, this is where this map really shines, it is an incredible piece of architecture.

Like the Vrack series and some of the levels in HR and AV, it has lifted the bar on what a good level should and shouldnt be.

so in short, play this level.

Btw I have no vested interest here...lol... just thought it was a great wad.

get it here

here are some other wads by the samd author. I havent played any of these, but if they are half as good as yestrday, they will be worth a look.

testsite.wad, future.wad, chaos.wad, hellhall.wad, cf.wad, mancubus.wad, hltrsklt.wad, ratcage.wad, jungle.wad, BBUSTER.wad magnetic.wad, LowBlow.wad, Stigmata.wad

Good dooming all... :)

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Hmmm.... that link you posted..... when I click on it, it tells me that I am not logged in...... whicch as you can clearly see. I am.

thanks for letting me know though.

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sorry people if I've done this all wrong.... are we supposed to review only certain levels that are posted? what is the correct way to bring good levels that I have played to people's attention?

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Nothing wrong with telling people about a wad you like, though there is a "Most favourite ever wad" thread running that you could have posted in.

I found a review of the wad in T/nC 192 if anyone's interested.

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