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Uber Noob Question... can pics be posted without having them already on a website...?

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Well if you read the title, I want to know whether you can post images direct from a folder on ur HD rather than having them already uploaded on a website and merely providing a URL for them to be seen

And if you can, then please tell me how....

<-- Hangs head for not already knowing this

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That's actually not possible *anywhere* on the internet. :P

The closest thing that exists would be a page where you select an image on your hard drive and it uploads directly to the site, but even then it's being hosted from the website's server and not from your computer itself.

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I don't think that's what he meant essel - it is possible to upload a file direct to some forums with certain forum software. For example, I can upload a zip with this post that then becomes part of the forum database, so no 3rd party site is required for hosting.

But it's not an option as we don't want to fill the database with a million images..

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Depends if the said forum allows public access to its ftp. Like this site allows uploading your own images for your avatar (under the resolution setting).

But no, unless you are using your HD as it's own server then it is not possible to host your own images.

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