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Art questions

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I've got a crapload of ZDoom-related questions, so bear with me:

1. Would there be any reason to adhere to the Doom palette in ZDoom? If not, is it possible to use 16-bit color?
2. Are there any compatibility problems across ports that I should be aware of, artwork-wise? I ask because I was recently involved in a CERTAIN Odamex project only to find that it lacked things even found in Boom.
3. Is there a sprite dimensions limit?
4. How difficult is it to edit thing behavior? Is it limited to monsters, or can I create something like a car that moves along a path (without using conveyors)?
5. Finally, what do you all use for sprite/texture editing? I've tried a few different things (Wally, Photoshop, GIMP, MSPaint, and so on) and they all seem to offer features nothing else does.

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1. You can change the palette in vanilla doom using XWE. I suppose; to make it 16 bit you will have to change the existing 256 colors manually.

2: I think you should be more specific...

3: Officially not, but I personally haven't been able to make them bigger than 300 (or something) with XWE. Within vanilla Doom the limit is 128.

4: You can modify a monster to look and act like a car. But I'm not sure if would look good...

5: whatever you feel most comfortable with I suppose.

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t.v. said:

Within vanilla Doom the limit is 128.

No. The Cyberdemon death animations are taller.

There's no 128 sprite height or width limit in Doom.

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@printz: That answer is misleading. There is a limit, even though it's not 128. It's higher than 128, but after a certain height Doom will attempt to tile it vertically and you'll end up with its head being drawn again over its crotch. I'm not sure of the exact limit though. Somewhere around 256 maybe?

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