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Boom texture height limit

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What is it? I thought it was 128, until I noticed some 256 unit tall textures in Deus Vult II...

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255 for "2S" textures - that is, textures which have more than one patch. Due to the apparent difficulty of generating true colums for multipatch textures of greater height than this, Lee Killough's new R_GenerateComposite function assumes any texture taller than this is single patch. Thus you'll find taller ones can still cause the Medusa effect, despite that supposedly being a thing of the past.

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Deus Vult II uses some rather tall textures, but like Quasar said, Boom's texture code can't draw them without some errors. PrBoom's texture code (which seems to handle them with no problems), on the other hand, is evidently completely different.

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