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OK importing *shareware* data?

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  1. Should there be a problem if I make a level for a game (say Strife) and decide to import all texture patches from a shareware IWAD of another game (say Doom), in order to have a richer theme? Similarly many people seem to be doing this repeatedly on Heretic, by importing key Hexen textures (see Carnage Galore, for example). Let alone so many Doom 2 megawads, importing even some registered data... But I'd love to be able to make an Order-meets-UAC theme.

    I don't think it would be a crime, because I wouldn't steal any money doing so. My PWAD would be free but the shareware is also free. If an unsuspecting player sees textures from a game in a free wad, they'd be able to download the real thing (the game demo) as well, for free.

    I would credit the maker company (id Software), for sure. But would the /idgames master archive administrator take my PWAD for legal?

  2. Does SvStrife support Sehacked files?

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From a legality standpoint I think it's about the same as taking data from the registered games.

But really, unless you're selling this mod for money, very few people are going to fault you for it. Suspended in Dusk has some Quake textures, Alien Vendetta, GothicTX, and other wads have Heretic/Hexen textures, some Heretic wads use Hexen and Doom/Doom2 textures, plenty of wads use textures from Plutonia, etc. If you don't make a big deal out of the fact that you're doing it, no one is going to care that you're putting resources from one 15-year-old game into a map for another 15-year-old game.

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Ty Halderman might accept it, although it is indeed the same as importing data from the full registered or retail games. While the shareware samples are free to download or distribute, all you can legally do is play them ("look but don't touch"), as they are otherwise copyright protected like the full paid-for versions.

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Well, anyway, I'm safe. First, there are quite a few Doom-like texture packs out there waiting to be seen, and as for monsters, there's the Realm667 'Beastiary' with very Doom-like enemies. Some are simple recolours, I'll probably need them anyway for PLAYPAL's sake. :)

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