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Neeed playtesting!

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One or two of you may remember me from my other map which I was doing Zdoom Specific stuff with. Well, I have put that map on hold because I wanted to practice making a map with more gameplay like the original doom so I can get ready to place monsters in the map when its done.

The map runs in Zdoom with Doom2.wad

This map is different because I tried to use only doom 1 textures and make it compatible for boom. however I also am having trouble running my map in zdoom doom 1. When I try to export the map in doombuilder it errors out when I configure it for Doom. This is not so much a big deal, but I would like my map to be for doom 1 since I am only using items that are in Doom 1 as best as I can.

The map is almost complete (95%) except for play testing and final changes. The person I was using for play testing was not good enough at doom to be the only playtester. I would like to make the monsters teleport into the area with the long 64 high walls, so they won't fight each other. However I don't know how to do that. I would like at the most there to be two difficulty levels. But I would like there just to be one hard difficulty.

There are loads of monsters but in my screenshots I wanted to have time to take them without there being a big fireball in my face.

If you'd like to play the map I'd be very pleased

Also, there was a fellow that was going to make a skybox for my previous map if they could do that, that would be awesome!

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v209/anotherdayanotherdeath/DOOM0000-2.png <--- The map that requires a skybox.


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Ill be a play tester. :)

I think there is a linedef action 'monster teleport'. Set it to where when the player runs over a line, lower the walls separating the monsters. Set the linedef actions on the lowering walls to 'monster teleport' or whatever its called. And, I believe you know what to do from there. Sry for the terrible wording.

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to make monsters teleport, you gotta have two things. First, you gotta have a line that is set to monster teleport which the monsters walk over. (the linedef action number is 125 for a once only teleport monster , 126 for a repeated monster teleport on Doombuilder). Second, you gotta have a teleport exit object set where you want the monsters to teleport to. Both the linedef and the sector where the teleport exit is obviously must have the same number for their "tag".

Hope that makes sense.

P.S. I will playtest your map. I dont know how to make skyboxes out of which all the monsters fall, only discovered them last week.

But I love playtesting maps.

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Ok... I played through that level. Once carefully, and once again with IDFA on just to check details and stuff.

First off, I really liked the layout. This level has the potential to be a great great level. The idea and the theme are really good, the map and the layout. It is a really good start.

Some little things to fix up:
1] the teleporter in the second room only works on two of its four sides. This is only a small thing, but because I ran over one of the sides that wasnt a teleporter, it meant I wandered around for a bit trying to find out where to go next.

2]The pit with the green lava and the platform in the middle. I fell in it and couldnt get out. Either provide a way out, or kill me for being silly enough to fall in. :)

3]The stairs that led up to the baron and the rocket launcher and (I think) the red key... you gotta align those textures on the outside of those stairs. In a few other places too, textures were misaligned.

4]Big no no. Many doors textures were too wide for the width of the doorway. Doom has doors that are 64 units wide rather than using half of a 128 wide door. It looks not good.

5] This is not critical, but it is one of my pet hates when I do not get warned when I am about to exit a level. Put an exit sign there or something.

6] monster placement. It just felt a little like there were monsters everywhere. There didnt seem to be much reason or purpose to the monster placement.

Armor, health and ammo placement and balance I thought was good overall. Not too much and not too little. Nice.

There were a lot of textures missing, but you said that, so thats cool.

Overall, I like the level.... It just needs to take care of all the little things, real attention to detail. Be especially careful with your texture choice. You gotta be real careful if you are going to mix grey areas with brown or green areas. Pick a theme and stick to it. these things will really add to your level. Great level, Great layout, good balance of monsters and ammo and health, but the level overall feels unfinished (as indeed it is). Add a little more detail, fix up those little things, work to make the level into an "experience" rather than a series of monster fights, and this level will come out something special.

Hope that helps... good luck :)

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kaiser_wilhelm said:

however I also am having trouble running my map in zdoom doom 1. When I try to export the map in doombuilder it errors out when I configure it for Doom.

That's because you have it in the MAP01 slot. Doom and Ultimate Doom do not use MAP##; they have episodes, stored in E#M# fashion: E1M1, for example.

So in Doom Builder, under "Map Options", where it says "Level name:", put E1M1 in the box there and save the map. Now your map will work with Doom, and all of those missing textures will be gone!

kaiser_wilhelm said:

Also, there was a fellow that was going to make a skybox for my previous map if they could do that, that would be awesome!

I think that fellow was me, if I am not mistaken (heh).

Let me think here, weren't you the one that said your level was on a planet, but it was high up on a mountainside or something? I think I might have that done around here and just forgot who asked me to do it (heh again :p). I'll have a look.

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A-HA! Thats what it was... Thanks for the Help again Nuxius. And could you also review the map like Kyka did it could be greatly appreciated.

A new version is on its way so if you just want to test that one its fine.

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Alright! thanks for the input Kyka! I have corrected most of the errors and now have a new vastly improved map to show you, Nuxius and Mik.

The changes I made were trying to hide the monsters from each other more, added a few new areas and aligned some textures. I also tried to fix some textures and make some new areas.

Plays in Zdoom with DOOM.wad or chocolate doom!!!!! Finally did what I want and made it compatible with that.

And, Mik47 I am still waiting for your play testing results :)

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