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doom 3 in doom 2..

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hello! i remember playing such mod... it was rather good, but i don't remember the name of it. please give me a hint.. i've been looking on google for 'doom 3 in doom 2' but didn't find what i've been looking for. thanks!

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It seems that Doomguy just won´t crouch on edges ;0)

Edit(h): Oh well. He does infact crouch these days. You should probably just upgrade to edge 1.31...

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:lol: i downloaded 1.29 as recommended in other thread... i'll try new version, but from what i heard, doom 2.5 won't work with it..

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Well, you shouldn´t believe all that you hear!

However, believe ME when i say that i´ve gotten the "c" version to work with Edge 1.31. :0P

Just extract a doom2.wad and the edge 1.31 into the "c" file and launch via the doom2.5 icon (that blue one, yes)...


Too bad this wad isn´t for (g)zdoom, as i...mmh...have "issues" with edge. The weapons-switch via the scroll is sooo slow that it kills me and i find it extremely difficult to set up the mouse properly...

But i guess i´m just used to (g)zdooms overall smoooothness.

Happy playing!

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