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Record/playback demos in ZDoom?

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total nublet question here...

How do you record/playback .lmp files, demos in Zdoom?

thanks people..

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you should know though, that ZDoom demos are never compatible from one version to the next.

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And that if a demo wasn't recorded with Zdoom, it won't play back with Zdoom.

For more information about demos generally, see this post.

If you indicate what you are attempting to do (e.g. watch compet-n or DSDA demos; or you want to record demos yourself on particular wads, etc.), then people will be able to give more specific assistance.

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Thanks for the replies people.

I downloaded someone elses .lmp file on a thread where they had asked for some feedback, and i realised that I had no idea how to actually play it.

I know how to run and record demos from back in the day of command lines in DOS, (-devparm -play demo xxx etc) but I can only assume that there are far better ways to do this now.

So I guess generally that I would like to be able to play and record demos that will be compatible with as many versions of doom as possible.

Zdoom is just the most common front end that I use for doom.

Thanks guys

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I myself don't know how to run a demo through ZDoom, so instead when ZDoom is the port needed for a demo, I use ZDL and use the command line parameter "-playdemo <demonamehere>". I have to move all my demos into the same folder I put all my Doom stuff in, however. Not sure what else to say beyond that. :p Hope that helps.

Oh, and ZDL helps like, a lot. For ports and patches and demos and stuff. A lot.

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