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Recording in PrBoom+ with unusual compatibility?

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I've been wanting to record a demo of CC2 MAP24, "The Mucus Flow" in PrBoom+. The map had a switch behind scrolling textures that can't be activated to my knowledge in Boom without NOCLIP. There's a compatibility setting in PrBoom+ to make special lines passthru.

My question is while I could complete the map like this, I wonder if using this compatibility (as opposed to -complevel 9 which wouldn't work) will make the demo desync. I might be worrying over nothing, but the map is long and it would stink if I made a neat demo only to watch it desync before my eyes, so it couldn't hurt to ask first... =/

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Wow. I don't know the answer but I'm excited to hear there may finally be a demo for this map, my favor CC map. Until someone more knowledgeable replies, the only thing I can suggest is try it several times as a test and see if there's any desynch. Maybe on ITYTD so you can get to that part quickly.

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I haven't tested that for myself, but I just made a patch that enables completion of the map in Boom through setting the offending scrolling lines as PassThru. Been meaning to do this for a while, actually. It can be downloaded below.


EDIT (9/22/2008 5:45 PM PDT:) For anyone who happens to have downloaded this, the patch has been updated to fix a similar error, preventing you from reaching two secrets, which happened to escape my eyes. Please redownload it.

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The "compatibility with common mapping errors" settings exist just to make maps playable that wouldn't otherwise be. They cannot be used for demo recording or playback. (They also cannot be used together with the "vanilla" complevels.)

That is, you can use -complevel 9 and have this setting turned on, and the map will play fine (i.e. like Boom but with the passthru behaviour altered). However, if you try to record, the passthru behaviour will be just the same as playing the map in Boom. The demo wouldn't desync - but it would come to a grinding halt during the recording session because this switch wouldn't work.

This was Andrey's decision when he introduced these options (at my suggestion). I can understand that he felt it would have been very messy to have a source of even more "incompatible" demos, and to encourage even more buggy maps.

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