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Those who commented on EB Doom look here...

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Cecil here. For some reason, I can't create an account on the comments section of Doomworld, since the creataccount.php3 is a missing link, so I will just say stuff about it here.

Just so you all know, I don't have plans on there being a "best" or "main" character. It'll be more like Hexen. Certain characters are better for certain things, etc.

CacoDemon Leader, I will put mention of you making the one sound from the Free Hissy mod[when the next release comes out that is]. I'm kinda a Hissy fan myself.

Also, I have never played Mother, so there will be nothing from that game that is solely seen in just Mother[like Eve or Pippi, etc]. Sorry, but it's only gonna be based off EB itself, and it's not a remake of the adventure, it's more of a sequel/alternate dimension type of thing. This mod is more made with another community's interest in mind, mixed with my own. I will not totally disagree with opinions, but I will most likely not alter ideas right now.

Also, it was originally given to just beta testers, but I released it because www.starmen.net, a major EB site, has a fan games section, plus I want the public to try it out. To me, it doesn't ruin much if you there's no true plot yet.

Oh, and between me and you, I'm not a huge Ness fan[he's my 4th favorite of the four playables, but he's decently cool], so even if there was a main character, it most likely would not be him. Way too many people ignore the other characters, which just irks me.

BTW Zaku, I happen to like the mugs I have better. A good friend actually took the trouble to draw the original faces I used for these. I'm not a fan of clay over anime, so the mugs will stay the way they are. Sorry.

I guess that's all to say for now.

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