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Editing the mugshot in Zdoom

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I want to edit the Doomguy's mugshot in ZDoom. I made a SBARINFO-lump and pasted the default statusbar and the mugshot code in it from http://zdoom.org/wiki/Default_Status_Bars. When I'm trying to play the wad, it gives me an error bad syntax where the mugshot code begins.

I tried to add "global int 1:MyVar;" into the lump, like told http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=17436. I am able to play the wad now, but the statusbar is not visible at all. What am I doing wrong or haven't done yet to get it work?

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I can't give much help since I'm on my work comp and I don't have access to any of my stuff but I'll try to tell you how I did it.
I used XWE and I exported the mugshot files (all of them) and just altered them on adobe photoshop and then imported them and deleted all of the original mugshot files.

Edit:I know it sounds confusing but I have a lack of resources at the moment so bear with me lol.

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Of course I already know how to change the graphics of the mugshot, but what I meant was how to change the behaviour of the mugshot, for example, editing the animation not to pick up the "looking around" -frames randomly but looking from left to right.

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