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Outpost of Doom 2 Updated

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Ismaele has updated the Outpost of Doom 2 with two new reviews with screenshots: "Belial's Bad Brain" by Alexander Eternal S. a.k.a. Deadall, and "Escape from Castle Chezcrea" by yours truly. He politely requested by email that I submit this news item, and I am not one to deny one of such a simple favour.

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Lorenzo should ask Buzzbomber to work on "Italian DooM - Episode 2"! :D
Joke aside, I've updated my web-site again with a new review in the "Other levels" sub-section of the "Download" section: it's about Vasek "(The_)Damned" Havranek's "Daemonic Martello 1024". Go get it!

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That's a record: 4th update in 1 week!
I've updated again my web-site ("Outpost of Doom 2" - http://www.webalice.it/sposito.lag) with 2 new reviews: Arch's "Evil Journey - Plan A" in the "Reviews" section and Yonatan Dooner's "Dead Perfect" in the "Other levels" sub-section of the "Donwload" section.

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