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Revenge of Evil

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well after of the doom3 weapons mod relase a new proyect only for zdoom "revenge of evil" is the resurrection of evil sequel and the action begins on earth, the 2 marines (doom3 and roe) have a dificult mission for to do, stop the evil invasion.
revenge of evil have 2 versions:
the doom3 marine´s history (called "Deimos")
the doom3 roe marine´s version (called "phobos")
each marine have diferent habilites, deimos have the soulcube and phoobos have the artifact to stop the enemies. This mod include all or almost the 90% doom3 + roe enemies including the bosses and new enemies: pain elemental and spydermastermind. about the weapons, well is the same doom3 weapons mod guns but with 2 new guns : artifact and grabber.

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not to be the voice of Doom, but the Doom 3 weapons mod was a huge letdown. It had the potential to be much better, but it was otherwise ruined. Can't say I'm looking forward to this.

A few modest suggestions: use transparency in your sprites. the rocket trails and "souls" of demons were plain awful, as well as being clear Duke3D rips. The lighting on some of the guns is terrible. The high-resolution sprites do not work with GZDoom. Some animations are smooth while others are choppy.

overall, a little more consistency would be nice.

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doom3 weapons mod is not for gzdoom, is for zdoom, about the gzdoom cant support the hirestex only the version 1.1.4 so you need the gzdoom 1.1.2 for play that mod, but is not recomended for the lag! doome 3 weapons mod is other proyect, this is revenge of evil and the weapons are so diferent than d3 weapons.

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I think those weapon/monster sprites are ok for me.

I just want off-topic. :P
What's "Proyect"? Do you mean "Project"?...

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Patrick Pineda said:

not to be the voice of Doom, but the Doom 3 weapons mod was a huge letdown.

Why not, when you´re so good at it?! The voice of Gloom perhaps? c¨,)

I completely disagree, as i´m very well entertained by that wad.

It may not "feel very doomy" (whatever that is) to some, but it´s quite simply the best d3 to d2 weapons mod out there right now.

There are flaws in this, as in most wads, but none that´ll dampen my expectations of coming releases from that strappin´ young lad Doomero-21 and his team.

I even like the rocket trails. And the soulcube homing spirits. And the shivering. And the recoil. And the...

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