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Can't map for Hexen.

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After having saved maps for Doom-format games (be they Doom, Strife, Heretic or Boom), while I've been using BSP-W32 for node-builder, as ZDBSP was buggy for that, I then decided to experiment on Hexen (plain Hexen, not ZDoom).

Now the node-builder fails, be it BSP-W32 or ZDBSP. Here's the error message:

The nodebuilder did not build the required structures.
Please check your map for errors or select a different nodebuilder.

Your map will be saved without the nodes.
WTF did I fail here? Since when BSP-W32 doesn't work on Hexen format maps? What can I do?

Note that I want to try Hexen, not ZDoom yet.

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it seems to be a bug in DB
zdbsp is the only node builder that has ever worked for me inside DB

however, i know that the others do work if used outside of DB
for example, i can use zennode just fine on my map after i finish editing it

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With ZDBSP I tried this command-line, but failed:

-o %T %F
BSP-W32 (or how it's named) only accepts Doom format maps, as odd as it may be. I remember having a plain BSP which did work for ZDoom maps... but this BSP-W32 doesn't do so any more.

I also tried Zennode, with this syntax:
%F -o %T
Neither 3d-mode nor saving would work with them on Hexen-format maps.

So what programs and syntaxes should I use for Hexen-style maps? I tried the bare minimums, but they didn't work.

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It's been a while since I made some maps for HEXEN. At the time, the node builder of choice for me was Zennode 1.2.1 which I used with just the option -rz. Otherwise I let it use the default settings.

ZenNode.exe -rz wadfile.WAD

Although I used ZETH for editing, it should work for Doombuilder.

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You made a brand new map right, and didn't import?

There are problems with triggers sometimes. If you fuck up your coding in the SCRIPT part, you can mess up your entire map. You should backup.

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