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Favorite level name?

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Master Levels of Doom Map01 - Attack
Hell Revealed 2 Map01 - Ignition!

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the already mentioned

Do DooM Marines Dream of Electric Imps?
One Flew Over the Caco's Nest
Castle Of Eternal Carrot In The Sky

i like crazy names. for those who know iain banks' books, much like ships from the culture, they might be underestimated judging only by their names.

on the dark and demonic side, Thy Flesh Consumed is probably perfect for its use of biblical sounding names.

HR + AV are other fine examples of good level names. others include movie references:

end of days (deus vult m04)
event horizon (cc2 m29)
everything dies (hr m19)
fire walk with me (av m29)
fort hades (mm m27)
it (mm2 m30)
last look at eden (hr m13)
no guts no glory (av m32)
point dreadful (av m30)
post mortem (hr m24)
stench of evil (av m27)

pick your own here.

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Butts said:

there are 665 entries on that level name page that torr samaho linked.

i bet we can find 1 aptly named more, right? :D

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DJShrimpy said:

I still have no idea what a "Nme" is.

= En-Em-Ee = Enemy ?

At least, that's what I always read into it. It could perhaps also be a reference to New Musical Express; maybe the Casalis liked that magazine - they are British, after all, and would no doubt have known of it, given their age group at the time.

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There was a boss level from ROTT that was called "Know your NME" which I thought was kinda cool.

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Creaphis said:

I never figured that out either. That's cute.

You should spend more time watching re-runs of the "Benny Hill Show" - that's where I first encounted it.

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The Pit
Tricks and Traps
Human BBQ

Probaly some more, the iwads all have some nice map names for some of the maps. :D

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I think the gray cubbies where all the shotgun guys are are the warrens near the end of the level Warrens which give the level's name.

from dictionary.com:

Warren, n

1. An area where rabbits live in burrows.
2. A colony of rabbits.
3. An overcrowded living area.
4. A mazelike place where one may easily become lost: a warren of narrow, dark alleys and side streets.
5. An enclosure for small game animals.

This can also be a clue as to where Daisy the rabbit fits in at the end of Doom and Ultimate DooM. Goomguy found him in one of the cubbies on the secret level Warrens. Doomguy stuffed him in his back pocket but poor little Daisy didn't live long. While battling the Spider Mastermind on Dis, Daisy hopped out of Doomguy's back pocket and slipped through the opening leading back to earth's surface where he was impaled on a stake by an unsympathetic imp.

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tycp_08 said:

Doom 2 Level 7: Dead Simple and Doom 2 Level 29: The Living End

both pretty ominous...

Those both have the same soundtrack...probably my favorite song from Doom II, as it happens.

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Think this one has not been mentioned yet, but deserves some credit:

The Manliest Fight EVER (DVII Map 31)

Some others i agree with: congo (makes me think of "Heart of Darkness"), the living end, all E4M*, ...

Doctor Faust

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A random sampling of weird, wonderful and absurd names from the archive-

Souled Out
Who Stole The Health
Mancubas ala Gstone
The best level in the world!
The Stench of Burning Death
Temple of the Undead Virgin
Sorry for the time you're about to loose playing this wad!
The painful castle of horror
Death by Red Hot Poker
Bill, the Gates of Hell
The Final Geometry
Gotcha Where I Wantcha
Hells Kitchen (Just like mama used to make)
Hongkong Handover Ceremony (version 2)
(Pretty Darn Good) For A First Attempt
Horror (That should say it all!)
The Inmost Corpses
Home is Where the Heart Bursts
ManoWar Part II - The Triumph of Steel. "The last chance for Honor & Glory is in your hands."
(Once Again) Complete `n Total Mayhem!
N-SANE1 Disorientation taken for granted...
Thy Family Consumed
No More Mister Nice Guy
(Call it what ever the hell you want to call it!)
The Wad With No Name
Just Another Corner Of Hell v1.2
Oh look! Another Military Base! Joy!
Killer Day at the UAC Archology
Gather Me a Necklace of Dead Imp's Ears
Pardon Me, My Soup is Cold, Could You Please Die In It
Hide In One Of 4 Toilets Or Die
Choke On Your Guts As They Spill From Your Mouth
(Imagine a good name here)
Fartknockers From Hell
Freon 3: Fragus Maximus Ultimatus... heh

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Deeforce said:

"AAAAHHHH NUTS!!!" ... what an epic name :-P

HAHA I thought people had forgotten about those two levels =]

I've made a jokewad (which I've kept private) with some sweet names, like "Nice Show, Let's Fuck: Teh Leval", "This level sukcs,.", "Pizza Ghoast", "Teh Fonduw Wormhol", and "I Have Pickles In My Pants!".

I think you guys can judge the quality of this from the level names. I started it and stopped working on it in 2004.

And all of my favorite level names are from the first Doom ... Limbo, Mt. Erebus, Slough of Despair, Pandemonium, Halls of the Damned, and Phobos Anomaly.

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GreyGhost said:

A random sampling of weird, wonderful and absurd names from the archive-


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