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Stopping the player in ACS

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I want to know what commands can stop the player and allow him to walk again. I want to do a trap in my level and i don't know how to do that.
I've seen in Zdoom wiki that there's a command called Thing_Stop, but it doesn't work.
Your help is appreciated.

Edit:Oops, i posted in wrong section, it should be in Doom Editing. My bad.

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Doom Builder doesn't compile my script and shows this:

 Line 18 in file "script.acs" ...
 script.acs:18: prop_frozen : Identifier has not been declared.
 >     SetPlayerProperty (1, 1, PROP_FROZEN);
 >                                         ^
 The ACS compiler did not compile your script.
What i did wrong?

Edit:Fixed, i figured out that i forgot the zcommon.acs. Thank you

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