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Adding to WhackEd2 and ducking sprite

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Hello, I am new to these forums, although I have visited them now and then to see if there are threads that already have a question that I need an answer to already replied for me. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find adequate information to help me out with the two problems I have stated in the subject title.

The first problem I have is I am not able to add new sound files to WhackEd2. For example, I want the Demon to have its own unique roaming sound, so in XWE I imported the sound I wanted as DSSGTACT.wav. However, I am unable to access this sound file in WhackEd2, nor are the Add and Remove buttons enabled in the Sound editor for me to do this. What can I do to get WhackEd to accept my sound file so that my wad will associate that sound to the Demon?

My second problem is I have edited the player sprite, and found out to my dismay that there is a ducking sprite when I play Zdoom that is not listed in the XWE editor, and I do not know the name of the ducking sprites (ducking and shooting) in order to edit it. Is there any way to find its names, or can someone tell me so I can edit those sprites so that the player doesn't change its sprite to the DOOM marine when they duck?

Many thanks to whoever can help me with these issues.

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The ducking sprites can be found in zdoom.pk3 They are called PLYC*

It sounds like you are making your mod for more than just Zdoom (right?). I know how to get additional sounds if you are using Zdoom but using old dehacked methods, it usually comes down to having to sacrifice a sound that you are unlikely to use elsewhere in the game and use that instead.

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Thank you for the sprite information!

As for the mod, it is for Zdoom, but it is also compatible with Skulltag as well (which I guess took some code from Zdoom?). I don't really care about compatibility with other engines at the moment, I just want to know if it's possible to get WhackEd2 to accept more sounds, or what you mentioned would be great too if you can tell me how to get more sounds with Zdoom. :)

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Well, if its for a Zdoom based port, then you can define your own sound in sndinfo then allocate it to the demon in your dehacked lump.


demon/active    DSSGTACT
That may work on its own because it is just an alteration of the default demon sound. If it doesn't, then also use this in your dehacked patch
Thing 13 (Demon)
Action sound = demon/active
If you wanted to be absolutely sure that nothing else was affected (I'm not sure if demon/active is used anywhere else (don't think so, even the spectre has his own entries)), you could do something like this:

Onlyoneinall/demonactivesound    DSSGTACT
Thing 13 (Demon)
Action sound = Onlyoneinall/demonactivesound

This will work in Zdoom, GZdoom, Skulltag and any other port based off Zdoom that has the relevant code - which has been in Zdoom for years, so just about anything.

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