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Something wrong with these MIDIs

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I've downloaded the Tyrian soundtrack in MIDI format but I can't use the MIDIs in Doom. There are several problems that arise.

  • On playing the MIDIs (with the changemus <pathname> command in ZDoom) the music plays but the MIDI playback device fails for the rest of the MIDIs within the WAD. From that point on ZDoom can play only Tyrian MIDIs until I restart it.
  • XWE and SLumpEd treat them as WAV sounds.
  • I can't open them with a MIDI editor.
Windows Media Player plays them fine, though. I can only assume they're in some strange format that ZDoom or Cakewalk doesn't recognize.

On this page: http://members.iinet.net.au/~vannevar/tyrian/music.html, scroll down to the "MIDIs" section and click the Download next to "All the songs from the Jukebox recorded by Borg No. One.". You'll get all the songs from Tyrian in MIDI format in a handy ZIP.

Some of these were featured in Ultimate Simplicity, but I think they were modified in some way, how I don't know, but I can open them in Cakewalk Express and ZDoom plays them just fine without MIDI playback failing.

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These are not regular MIDI files but RIFF-RMID. Quoting Wikipedia:

===RIFF-RMID File Format=== On [[Microsoft Windows]], the system itself uses [[RIFF (File format)|RIFF]]-based MIDI files with the <code>.rmi</code> extension. Note, Standard MIDI Files per se are not RIFF-compliant. A RIFF-RMID file, however, is simply a Standard MIDI File wrapped in a RIFF chunk. By extracting the data part of the RIFF-RMID chunk, the result will be a regular Standard MIDI File.

That explains why SlumpEd etc. can't handle them. FMOD apparently can but it's easily possible that either FMOD has a bug or ZDoom itself gets confused and screws up. I'll have to check that.

It may be enough if you strip off the first 20 bytes of each file which contain the RIFF header.

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Oh, in that case, would an RMI2MID converter be enough if I rename the extensions to .rmi? To be honest, that doesn't sound ideal, so I'd try what you suggested if I knew how...

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Jimmy91 said:

Oh, in that case, would an RMI2MID converter be enough if I rename the extensions to .rmi?

If you have one, yes. The only difference between these 2 formats is that RMI got 20 bytes for a RIFF header prepended to the file.

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