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The Exiled: Desecrated Ruins Demo

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Most talk about this project has been elsewhere, but I thought I'd post the map here as well since Doomworld is more active. The Exiled is a megawad project for Doomsday which is in development indefinitely (because I'm too damn busy to do much most of the time).

The link below will give you a download of The Exiled Map01: The Desecrated Ruins, and a rather small preview of Map02's architecture and atmosphere. After a long time waiting, I'm finally giving people something to look at besides screenshots.

Being that I have been absent, I have not gotten to test beta 5 much, however this .pk3 will work with beta 4 if it doesn't with 5 (I've caught wind that beta 5 of Doomsday has severe issues). This project is designed for single-player mode and there are no coop or DM starts, so apologies to the multiplayer crowed.

Bugs: The switches all do what they're supposed to, however the graphic does not toggle to the "on" texture. The other is merely a broken monster trap which you'll walk right past (you'll know the bug when you see it). Neither of these bugs should affect gameplay.

If you are stuck in the map and unable to move on, you aren't looking hard enough for a new switch :)

About the file size: I built this .pk3 so that it can be patched later with smaller files (maps only) for the anticipated release of at least two more demo maps later this month.

To Play: Extract the .pk3 into Doomsday/Snowberry/addons, load the Snowberry front-end, and check the box listing the .pk3 file name in the Addon tab.

Important: Note that the BIAS lighting feature is a key part of the atmosphere and style of the map, so open the console with ` and type "rend-bias 1" to turn bias lighting on.

Exiled Demo
Doomsday Beta 4 Windows
Doomsday Beta 4 MacOSX
Doomsday Beta 4 *nix/source

Map Evolution:

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