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Doom Pallette In Photoshop

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I recall reading a thread where a member said they could put the doom color pallette into photoshop and edit from there. Is there a way to do that and how do I do that?

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This doesn't exactly do what you want, but it's been close enough for me...

Open an bitmap or any other graphic that has it's own palette with it. Exporting a graphic from a Doom Iwad would give you a bitmap with Doom's palette. Open the graphic with photoshop, switch the color depth mode to RGB Color (or whichever) and then back to Indexed Color. This brings up a dialog window asking which palette to adapt the image to. Choose Custom from the dropdown box. And when a new window opens with all the currently used colors from the graphic you opened, click save.

This will be your palette file that you will load in the same manner.

There is most likely an easier or quicker way of doing it, but it works for me. Photoshop remembers which palette I usually load, so all I have to do most of the time is pick Indexed Color and it has the Doom palette as the selected option. So really, getting the palette saved to file is the hardest part.

Photoshop does a really good job of adjusting the palette to what I have on my screen, so it's not really needed to use the approach you mentioned unless you want everything to be exact. Usually if the results aren't perfect, I just go back and adjust brightness/contrast and the overall hue a bit.

Edit: Oh yes, I figured it out. In the swatches toolwindow, load the palette file and you have a set of colors from the Doom palette to work with.

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