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Files read as textures and adding a new weapon slot

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Hello everyone, I've been messing around with XWE some more and have come across two problematic questions I would like answers to, please.

1) In Skulltag, there are many bots, each with its own set of sprites. I took the SKININFO file out and loaded it into my own wad, but for some reason when loading in Skulltag, it reads the SKININFO file as a texture. Even if I make it a plain txt file and upload it, even though XWE doesn't say anything about it being a texture type, it will still say that Skulltag "found invalid data in texture file SKININFO". What do I have to do to get XWE/Skulltag to read the file properly so it'll load the sprites that I want it to from my wad, instead of saying it's a texture file? I just copied the exact text from Skulltag's SKININFO file too.

2) Let's say I want to put a new weapon in slot 8. Can somebody get me started on how to do this? I checked Weasel's Xtraweap.wad file to see how he did it, but I'm still lost on how he got Zdoom to recognize the extra weapons, since I didn't see any Dehacked files or anything stating the new weapon's different graphical states and firing abilities and such. I only found the KEYCONF file, but nothing else. Can someone get me pointed in the right direction please? Thanks!

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In the Decorate file, all I see is information saying what items each of the actors drop.


ACTOR ZombieManDropItem : ZombieMan 3004
DropItem Clip
DropItem AssaultGun 64
DropItem Blaster 8
DropItem HEGrenadeRounds 8 6
DropItem PhoenixRodAmmo 8 6
DropItem BlasterAmmo 48 25
DropItem ElectricBolts 8 5
DropItem PoisonBolts 8 1
DropItem ArtiHealth 48
DropItem ArtiSpeedBoots 4
DropItem ArtiPoisonBag 24
DropItem ArtiTorch 4
DropItem ArtiTeleport 1
DropItem ArtiBoostArmor 4
DropItem ArtiTomeOfPower 1

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If that's all the DECORATE lump has, and there is no Dehacked patch, the wad isn't going to have custom weapons. Are you sure that a stock weapon's graphics just aren't replaced to make it look like a new weapon?

The only other thing I can think of is that there is some other wad, pk3, or zip with the weapon stuff that has to be loaded in conjunction with it... maybe recheck the DECORATE lump carefully.

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It obviously does have new weapons, because there are several per slot, so I know it's not a simple weapon replacement.

It has a ZDOOMDEH file that contains strings for the new weapons and items (Heretic style), but that's it.

The SNDINFO just has the sounds assigned for the new weapons and items.

The KEYCONF just sets the slots for the new weapons, but it does have this at the end - addkeysection "Extra Weapons" ew_keysection

And the DECORATE file only has the text like what I just posted.

There is also an SS_START marker and SS_END marker, but it is 0 bytes and other than that, there is nothing else but sprites and sound waves in the wad, which is why I'm confused as to how these weapons were added.

And the only PK3 file I have is the zdoom one. But that can't be it, can it?

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Is there a link to this file somewhere? I did a search for it, and it doesn't seem to be in the archives, and Google just returns videos. It would be easier just to look at it.

If you want to get started learning though, take a look at this: http://zdoom.org/wiki/DECORATE

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Okay, I looked at the wad and after being about as baffled as you were, I realized that there are no "new" weapons per se... All the weapons you see are Heretic, Hexen, and Strife weapons that have sprite and sound supplements. If you supply any graphics to a monster or item from one of the games I mentioned, you can actually use that games' things in another game supported by ZDoom.

Start up a game of Doom and type "summon imp". This will summon an invisible Heretic gargoyle. Provide sprites and sounds for it in your wad, and you can use ACS to spawn that thing into Doom. In this wad, it is the KEYCONF lump that enables the player to be able to use the new weapons, by assigning Heretic, Hexen, and Strife weapons to Doom weapon slots.

One thing worth noting, is that you cannot change the behavior of these weapons. You need to use DECORATE to create your own set of weapons if you want to modify how they work.

As for your first question, I can't help you, sorry.

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